I am a psychiatrist with a practice in Downtown Manhattan. I provide both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology services. I would describe my style as warm, pragmatic, and interactive. My approach is supportive and non-judgmental, with a focus on improving overall quality of life.  

Each treatment is patient-centered and individualized to the patient’s needs. I think psychodynamically but am flexible and open to using different approaches. Psychodynamic psychotherapy looks at patterns and assumptions based on past experiences that we carry with us to the present day. By learning more about the lens through which we view the world, we can step outside of repetitive patterns of behavior that aren’t working and open up new possibilities. There will be opportunities of seeing the world in new ways that will foster a healthier, full life. Additionally, my approach is informed by elements of supportive psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and insight-oriented therapy.

My practice emphasizes integrative and collaborative care for adolescents and adults. I offer a variety of treatment modalities from medication management to psychotherapy and supportive interventions. I work as a team with my patients and their families, and integrate their care with other health care practitioners. Together we will work on symptom reduction and management while allowing room for growth.

Areas of Expertise
Adolescent Psychiatry
Eating Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Life Transitions
Psychosis and Prodromal Syndromes
Trauma and PTSD
Bipolar Spectrum Disorders
Medication Management
Family and Relationship Issues